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About preventive measures

About new coronavirus preventive measures

  • To customers···
    ■Please refrain from visiting Hagoromo if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, fatigue, or difficulty in breathing, or if you are not feeling well.
    If you are elderly, have a basic illness, are pregnant, or are accompanied by a preschooler, even if you are not anxious about your physical condition, please refer to the information provided by the relevant institutions and make a careful judgment. I will tell you.
    ■We ask for your cooperation in alcohol disinfection of fingers and temperature measurement.
    ■When coming to the hotel, we ask that you wear a mask inside the facility except when eating or drinking or bathing to alleviate your concerns.
    ■We may provide guidance and guidance in order to maintain a social distance.
    ■We ventilate regularly.
    ■Some of the information on the menus and services has changed.
    ■We kindly ask for your understanding that we may be asked to cooperate depending on the symptoms.
  • "About preventive measures for employees』

    ■All employees wear masks and some employees wear sanitary gloves and face shields as needed.
    ■Temperature measurements and health checks when all employees are at work and restrictions on attendance for those who are sick.
    ■Thorough hand washing and hand disinfection of all employees.
    ■Regular disinfection and ventilation of offices and common spaces.
    ■Frequent laundry such as uniforms.
    ■Requests from our partner companies to use alcohol masks and masks for delivery and admission.
  • "About adding alcohol disinfectant』

    ■We are striving to create a safe and secure environment that is easier for customers to use by adding antiseptic solutions to the lobby, front desk, shops, cafes, banquet halls, hot springs, restrooms, etc.We appreciate your cooperation in disinfecting your hands with alcohol.
  • "About temperature measurement for customers』

    ■We measure the temperature of guests who stay, have dinner, or take a hot spring bath.Thank you for your cooperation.
  • "Social distance (social distance/personal contact distance)"

    ■The number of seats in the lobby (using coffee shop) is limited.We are keeping a social distance in mind so that we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
    ■With regard to the elevators, we kindly ask you to place a sufficient space between them and to use them at the same time.
    ■Even when using the hot springs, there are restrictions on the number of people, and we have undressing baskets installed at intervals.
    ■We have installed footprint marks and other information to keep customers at the front desk/shop settlement time.
  • "About installation and sterilization of acrylic plates and vinyl sheets』

    ■For the purpose of preventing splashes, we have installed acrylic and vinyl sheet dividers at the front counter, shops, and coffee shop counters.
    ■We regularly disinfect staircase handrails, elevator buttons, vending machine buttons, etc.
  • "Accommodation』

    ■Acrylic board to prevent splashing is installed on the front counter.
    ■The waiting position (footstep mark) is displayed because there is a space in front of the front desk.
    ■Temperature measurement at check-in and identity verification (please bring a certificate to confirm your address) are required.We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.
    ■Fill out the health check sheet at check-in.
    ■We will give you a written guide to the facility and guest rooms.
    ■Ballpoint pen on the front counter,Thoroughly disinfect cash trays.
    ■Cash will be delivered and received in a cash tray.
    ■Customers must insert the card into the terminal when paying for credit.
    ■Information on this facility will be given on the guide map in this facility.
    ■Alcohol disinfection of the return room key.
    ■Thorough disinfection when cleaning the guest room.
    ■In the case of a shared room with a group traveler, request confirmation of consent from participants before departure of the tour.
    ■Please inform the front desk staff if you develop any symptoms such as fever or coughing during your stay.
  • "About banquets and meetings』

    ■We will reduce the number of people in each venue and guide you.
    ■We will guide you through the table layout (draft).
    ■Alcohol disinfectant was installed in front of the venue to promote use.Thank you for your cooperation when entering the venue.
    ■Microphone,Thorough alcohol disinfection of rental equipment.
    ■Thorough ventilation at every banquet and meeting.
    ■Thank you for your cooperation in wearing the mask before the meal starts.
    ■The contents of the dish will be given in writing.
    ■Please refrain from swirling a cup or a cup and pouring around it.
    ■We have stopped serving banquet dishes.
  • "About using barbecue』

    ■We will reduce the number of people in the barbecue house and guide you.
    ■Thank you for your cooperation in wearing the mask before the meal starts.
    ■Dishes will be discontinued and individual serving (one by one) will be provided.
    ■Please refrain from swirling a cup or a cup and pouring around it.
    ■We will have 2 to 3 people per iron plate.
  • "About using hot springs』

    ■Admission will be restricted during times of congestion.
    ■Please use undressing baskets at intervals.
    ■Thank you for your cooperation in filling out the entry sheet for the one-day hot spring users.
    ■Thoroughly disinfect alcohol at dressing rooms.
  • "About the use of ground golf』

    ■When using the service, please fill out the usage sheet.
    ■We appreciate your cooperation in alcohol disinfection.
    ■3 Please avoid playing in tight (closed/closed/closed) intervals, and play or take breaks.
  • "About shuttle bus』

    ■Regarding bus or van transfers, we will inform you of the number of passengers and the space between seats.
    ■Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection and temperature measurement (excluding group guests) when boarding.
    ■A splash-proof vinyl sheet is installed behind the driver's seat to prevent splash infection.
  • in conclusion····
    Please understand that the above countermeasure items may be changed or canceled without prior notice depending on the infection situation in Japan, the request from the government or local governments, or the law.