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Ground Golf Information

Why do not you enjoy the ground golf under the blue sky while looking at Lake Togo?

  • Ground golf is said to be the birthplace of Yurihama Town here.
    It is a course that you can enjoy from adults to children.
    course offer two course.

    ~Information on rates~
    ❖ Adult(Middle school student)500 yen, ❖ Children(Elementary school student)300 yen
    ❖ Group fee(20 people or more)400 yen, ❖ Equipment loan 100 yen
    ※Customers using meals have a play fee of 300 yen and guests staying
    Available for free.
    ·As lunch····
    ●Matsubanado lunch, One person, 2300 yen (tax excluded)
    ●Mini-party meal, One person, 3500 yen (tax excluded)
    ※Sample photo available