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Alumni association accommodation plan

  • Alumni association plan

    | 1 person 13,550 yen(Men's)|
    | 11,550 yen per person(for women)| ※Both tax withdrawal

    Alumni association to meet with old friends, teachers together.
    An alumni association that makes us laugh, cries, falls in love, and told a dream that will revive in an instant.

    Hagoromo, we will offer you a "best alumni plan".

    ※The use of group plan is available from 8 people or more.

    □ Plan Details □
    Meals, Hot spring bathing
    □ plan benefit □
    1.Room charge free for 2 hours and 30 minutes
    2.Within the above time, All-you-can-drink
    3.Karaoke service
    Four.Free Pick-up
    Five.Bath free
    For more than 6.25 people, your teacher is invited for free
    7.One group photo 1 648 yen(Photographed by Hagoromo Staff), Normal picture 1 sheet 1,296 yen(Professional photography)
    8.Special Stay Plan, 1 Night/ Breakfast Included(1 person)¥ 6,350
    ※Separately, 150 yen hot spring tax will be charged.

◎ Please reserve group plan reservation by e-mail or telephone ◎

Reserve·, Contact us>>TEL.0858-35-3621
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