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Stewed beef

Tottori's famous products such as Marble Pork, Tottori Prefecture’s Wagyu (beef), Matsuba Crab and shijimi.

Passion for local ingredients, seasonal ingredients, and dishes that you can enjoy every season are available.

I will be hospitable with full heart.
  • Cooking photo

  • Dinner information(Cooking example)

    Various meal plan are available at Hagoromo.You can choose your plan according to your wishes.
  • Information on breakfast

    For breakfast, we recommend miso soup of Shijimi which can be taken at Lake Togo in front of 'Hagoromo'.
    It is a menu for morning rich in umami ingredients of succinic acid, ornithine relaxing liver fatigue.
    Currently, as a measure to prevent the spread of corona infection, we are changing from a buffet to a set for one person.

Carefully Selected Foods

  • Tottori Prefecture’s Wagyu (beef)

    Wagyu beef contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which is characterized by a large amount of oleic acid, which is said to be healthy.In particular, pedigree called "Tottori" "Hyogo system" is said to have high genetic abilities.

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  • Marble Pork

    Morimoto Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture is a sweet and loving pig grown in the water and soil of Kurayoshi City. There is no peculiar smell of pork, it is delicious meat.

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  • Matsuba Crab

    Taste of winter, Matsuba Crab crab is a collective name of "snow crab" which was landing on the San'in -in Sea side of the Sea of ​​Japan.Natural taste is condensed.

    ※We are offering only to the desired customer.
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  • Enjoy with Koshihikari

    For rice, Koshihikari with popularity / production volume is No. 1 is used.Koshihikari is a delicious, well-balanced rice with sweetness, luster and stickiness.Please enjoy with Tottori 's carefully selected ingredients.

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Greeting from Chief Chef

  • Seasonal ingredients, local ingredients seriously

    We will treat you with local ingredients such as seasonal handmade `` Hagoromo Tofu'' and large `` Shijimi '' called pearls of Lake Togo, Hagoromo specialty sappo pot, collagen-filled Marble Pork from Tottori Prefecture and Kuroge Wagyu beef. The That will please your taste in Hagoromo in the Tottori Kyoto food, we look forward to.

    Chief Chef, Watanage, Hideki