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Guide to Hagoromo

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Hotel Name



Tottori ken Yurihama Town Higashikaki District Hawai Onsen 21-1

Telephone number



Get off at JR Kurayoshi Station, Taxi 10 minutes

Pick-up presence (condition)
Kurayoshi Station will pick you up to Kurayoshi Station.Please contact us in advance
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Osaka
    Chugoku Expressway Sayo JCT → Tottori enters the motorway, San'in about 10 minutes at via motorway Hawai IC → Route 179

    Access method 2: Okayama
    Sanyo Expressway Okayama JCT Route 179 Sanyo Expressway Okayama JCT → Okayama Expressway → Chugoku Expressway Ochi-Ochi JCT → Yonago Road Yubara IC → Approximately 10 minutes via Route 313, Route 179


    We can accommodate 50 free parking spaces
  • Facility information

    Name of facility: San'in / Hawai Onsen Hagoromo (Hagoromo)
    Address: 21-1, Hawa 21-1 Hawai Onsen, Yurihama Town, Tohaku County, Tottori Prefecture 682-0715
    TEL / FAX:TEL: 0858-35-3621 / FAX: 0858-35-3851
    Contact time: 7: 00-22: 00
    Parking lot: 50 cars(No reservation required / free)
  • For those coming by car

  • Person who comes by JR

  • For those arriving by airplane

    Tottori Airport
    ... Airport connection bus is in Tokyo Flight to departure and arrival of Tokyo Flight.
    Yonago Onitaro Airport
    ... Bus service (2 flights / day) connecting Kurayoshi Station and Yonago Airport began on July 25, 2014.

    ※Free pick up from station is also available.