"Official"Hotel Hagoromo

Welcome to Hawai Onsen, the only home-run hot spring "Hagoromo"!

Tottori prefecture is the prefecture with the fewest population in Japan.Hawai Onsen in Yurihama Town, located in the central part of that Tottori prefecture.
Nature rich and human-loving people ...I feel the warmth of the countryside where I feel relieved.
Fresh ingredients springing from the lake bottom of Lake Togo and freshest ingredients of the ocean, mountains and lakes that we grew up in the area will welcome you.
From the window of the room, Lake Togo and the spacious garden spread, relax everyday in a relaxing space, relax yourself.

Official site-only reservation benefits

  • Very popular inside and outside the prefecture! Local specialty products

    To customers who make a reservation on their homepage ...
    We present local special product!
    ((Example) Tottori's specialty Nebarikko, Nijisseiki Pear, raccoon, etc.)※Contents vary by month.
    If you are eligible for the award, you must apply for a half board plan.
    ※However, it cannot be used in conjunction with accommodation plan with other discount benefits.

Information of the hotel

  • front desk

    Welcome, the staff will greet you with a smile!
  • shop

    We have abundant products of San'in · Tottori.
    Please drop in.
  • Popular souvenir vest 5

    <First place> Inaba’s Shiro Usagi sweets, *Photo
    Born of myths, it is Inaba’s Shiro Usagi sweets a confectionary inn.
    I was born slightly gentle.

    "2nd place"pickled watermelon
    It is a very popular product "Pickled baby watermelon".
    Because it is soaked in soy sauce, it is crisp, and it is also reputed for young people.

    <3rd place> charcoal udon
    It is "Udon" with charcoal incorporated.
    It is crispy, with a smooth texture, it is easy to eat very popularly received.

    <4th> Kuri usukawa manju
    The plump chestnut fruit seems to unintentionally relax the cheeks, I feel very happy.

    "5th place" and Tochi twisted mochi
    It is soft and very easy to eat with a sweet rice cake of a swollen form (twist).
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Tottori ken Yurihama Town Higashikaki District Hawai Onsen 21-1

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Get off at JR Kurayoshi Station, Taxi 10 minutes

Pick-up presence (condition)
Kurayoshi Station will pick you up to Kurayoshi Station.Please contact us in advance
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    All rooms are connected together

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